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Workforce and Professional Development

Meets the fourth Friday of every month from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Please check our calendar for any changes.

The Workforce and Professional Development Committee develops recommendations and implementation plans to enhance New Hampshire’s capacity for the recruitment, retention, advancement, and support of qualified professionals across early childhood programs via education, training, and credentialing. 

Committee Chairperson:

Dr. Patricia Cantor (pcantor@plymouth.edu)



 The State of Early Childhood Higher Education in New Hampshire: The New Hampshire Early Childhood Higher Education Inventory

The New Hampshire Higher Education Inventory for Early Childhood Professionals in Health and Family Support Professions 

Early Childhood Courses in NH Health and Family Support Programs 

Executive Summary from NAEYC on the Blueprint Model
Exerpt from the NAEYC Blueprint Guide


NH Early Childhood Professional Development System Blueprint Project Final Report (Feb. 2015).

Head Start Professional Development Resources
Transforming the Early Childhood Workforce for Children Birth through Age 8

DRAFT Shared Professional Early Childhood Core Competencies

Agendas and Minutes


January 23 - Agenda and Minutes
February 27 - Agenda and Minutes
March 27 - Agenda and Minutes
April 24 - Agenda and Minutes
May 22- Agenda and Minutes
June 26 - Agenda and Minutes
August 28 - Agenda and Minutes



January 24- Agenda and Minutes
February 28- Agenda and Minutes
March 28- Agenda and Minutes
April 25- Agenda and Minutes 
May 23- Agenda and Minutes
June 27- Agenda and Minutes
July 25 - Agenda and Minutes                
August 22 - Agenda and Minutes 
September 26 - Agenda and Minutes
October 24 - Agenda and Minutes 
November 21 - Agenda and Minutes 


January 25 - Agenda and Minutes
February 22 - Agenda and Minutes
March 22, - Agenda and Minutes
April   - Agenda and Minutes
May 24 - Agenda and Minutes
June 28 - Agenda and Minutes
July 26  - Agenda and Minutes 
August 23- Agenda and Minutes 
September 27- Agenda and Minutes 
October 25- Agenda and Minutes 
November 22- Agenda and Minutes


January 27 - Agenda and Minutes
February 24 - Agenda and Minutes
March 23 - Agenda and Minutes
April 27 - Agenda and Minutes
May 25 - Agenda and Minutes
June 22 - Agenda and Minutes
July 27 - Agenda and Minutes
August 24 - Agenda and Minutes
October 1 - Agenda and Minutes
October 26- Agenda and Minutes
November 30 - Agenda and Minutes


October 18 - Agenda and Minutes
November 28 - Agenda and Minutes
December 9 - Agenda and Minutes