Children don’t come with an owner’s manual when they are born. Knowing about growth and development, positive discipline, how to communicate with your child and help them communicate are all essential parts of being a good parent.

Here are some websites that provide tips for positive parenting:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Information on child development and parenting tips to foster healthy development.

One Tough Job: Current, practical information put together by the Massachusetts Children's Trust Fund on raising children from birth through adolescence.

The American Academy of Pediatrics: Information on a variety of topics for parents with children of all ages.

Protective Factors

Research shows that when five protective factors are present and robust in families, they are more likely to be strong and resilient. What are the five protective factors?

  1. Parental Resilience or COURAGE: I will continue to draw upon my strengths and other resources.

  2. Social Connection or COMMUNITY: I have people who know and support me.

  3. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development or PARENTING: I know where to go to find out about parenting skills and my child's developmental growth.

  4. Concrete support in times of need or HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: I know where to turn to for help. My family has access to resources to meet basic needs.

  5. Social and Emotional Competence of Children or COMPASSION: My child feels loved and can get along with others. I know how to help my children talk about their feelings.