For Families

Resources for Families

Programs that support children’s early development are critical for parents, to support their participation in the workforce and to provide them with resources to enhance their own parenting.

Our children’s healthy development depends on the quality and stability of their relationships with caring adults, both within and outside the family. That’s why it is so important for families to have the information they need to choose the kinds of environments and experiences that will help their children grow up healthy and eager to learn.

Spark NH has gathered information that may be useful to families.

Quality Cards for Families

A tool to help families choose quality early childhood programs and services

  • Find Programs and Services

    Where to find basic human needs resources, physical and mental health resources, employment support, support for older Americans and persons with disabilities, and support for children, youth, and families.
  • Help Your Child Learn and Grow

    Brains are built over time, and higher-level skills build on basic skills developed early in life. That’s why creating the right conditions in early childhood is far more effective and less costly than trying to fix problems at a later age.
  • Parenting

    Children don’t come with an owner’s manual when they are born. Knowing about growth and development, positive discipline, how to communicate with your child and help them communicate are all essential parts of being a good parent.