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The Manchester Community Health Center serves as the lead agency for the local project in Manchester. MCHC contracts with four local agencies to carry out the direct services and data collection and performance measurement components.

The Project LAUNCH NH Environmental Scan includes an inventory of services available for children and families in Manchester and New Hampshire.

PL Environmental Scan

The scanning process helped the project to develop a complete picture of the landscape of systems, programs, and other resources currently available to address challenges facing families with children from birth to age eight years, as well as stimulated thoughtful analysis of gaps in programming, duplication of efforts, and challenges related to access to or quality of services. The Environmental Scan laid the foundation for the development of the project’s Strategic Plan. Project LAUNCH NH conducted its environmental scanning process using multiple means for gathering the data and engaging stakeholders in the greater Manchester area and at the statewide level.

Project LAUNCH NH Environmental Scan 2014


The Project LAUNCH Strategic Plan was created through multi-faceted efforts lead by the Project LAUNCH Management Team.

The five-month comprehensive planning process included convening key stakeholders, facilitating discussions among project leadership and staff, reviewing Environmental Scan and other data, writing and editing. This document is a result of the participation and feedback of the Project LAUNCH Local Operations Leadership Team, Project LAUNCH Direct Services Staff, and key organizational stakeholders in Manchester, NH.

This Strategic Plan is meant to serve as a guide for the work of the local project and its connection with the state-level work and implementation of the New Hampshire Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Early Childhood. Revisions will be made over the course of the project to reflect progress in implementation and changes in local community and state-level systems and supports.


The project’s Evaluation Plan is directly aligned with its Strategic Plan goals and objectives and identifies the data essential to understanding the levels of success in implementation and impact of the activities designed to achieve those goals and objectives.

The Evaluation Plan will inform and guide future iterations of the Strategic Plan as the project naturally evolves and responds to conditions in the community and the state.

The process utilized to develop the Evaluation Plan for Project LAUNCH NH was both research-based and participatory. Review of professional literature and consultation with SAMHSA technical assistance resources were conducted to determine appropriate and feasible approaches to evaluation of the strategies being implemented and identify evidence-based tools for data collection and analysis. Project LAUNCH staff, Local Operations Leadership Team, and State Management Team were involved in the development of evaluation questions, evaluation design, indicators, and data collection methods. In this way, Project LAUNCH NH achieves the most rigorous assessment of outcomes possible for each specific strategic goal and/or service strategy.

The foundational purpose of this Evaluation Plan is to support and guide the implementation of the Project LAUNCH NH strategies through data collection in multiple areas, informing the activities planned to increase access to and coordination of services. The data will provide ongoing information about implementation effectiveness so that modifications to those activities and/or the system can be made. Data analysis will be conducted by the Local Data Evaluator and made available to the Management Team, staff, Local Operations Leadership Team, and State and Local Young Child Wellness Councils in order to sustain successful practices and support replication of the Project LAUNCH model in additional NH communities.

Project LAUNCH NH Evaluation Plan June 2015