Whenever children are engaged in an interactive, responsive environment at home or in the community, their brains are literally being wired for all the learning and development that follows…

The Importance of Early Childhood

A healthy and prosperous future for New Hampshire is important to all of us. And what we know now is that providing our next generation with positive early learning experiences, good health, and strong family support is vital to our future social and economic wellbeing – as today’s children are tomorrow’s parents, workers, and citizens.

Developmental science shows that a child’s earliest experiences lay the foundation for the brain’s developing architecture, setting a sturdy or fragile stage for all of the learning, health, and behavior that follows. Making sure children in every community have access to the resources and experiences that promote development – health, nutrition, learning – will make them more likely to succeed in school and later in life.

Whether you are a parent, service provider, business leader, or policymaker, you will find resources here to help you provide our young children with the strong foundation and support they need to thrive and succeed.

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Photos provided by: lorenkerns via Visualhunt / CC BY